About Us

The Ellahi family has been in the textile business since 1938 . From humble beginnings In India the family moved to Pakistan in 1947 and continued to do what they knew best – honest and hard working enterprise. The larger joint family set up a textile mill in Hyderabad. With the natural growth of the family the elders decided to set up their own enterprises.

Consequently , in 1978, Mr. Ihsan Ellahi started his own business trading under the name and title of Messers Rizwan Enterprises. Mr Ihsan continued with what he knew best – textiles and honest hard work. As a commercial exporter of quality textiles with an enterprising spirit he started exporting to Australia which was a relatively unknown market for Pakistani textiles at that time.

In 1986, his elder son Rizwan joined the family business. This sorely needed additional manpower led to a consolidation and expansion of the now well reputed business. By 1994, the company was already exporting large volumes of quality fabrics to newer markets in New Zealand , US & Hong kong and other areas , with it’s main market still in Australia which had been nurtured with hard work and enterprise. Building on their reputation for quality goods the family now ventured into value added goods and started exports of processed fabrics – mainly bleached and some printed goods to Australia, Europe US & Far east.

In 2000, Rehan the younger son of Mr. Ellahi joined the family business. This led to further consolidation of the family business and with the additional manpower the family invested their precious little capital to put the business on a solid footing. The family business now set up a small weaving unit. With the additional manpower the family business was now able to explore further markets and areas of the textile business.