After adding state-of-the-art, brand new Toyota Airjet Weaving Looms to our weaving facility, we have made our weaving stronger, flexible, and versatile by recently adding a brand new, European made, Karl Mayer Slasher and Direct Warping Machine, previously known as Zell-Benninger. The wide-width headstock of 4.2 meters allows us to size single beam of 340cm machine, with a max. beam diameter of 1100mm. The high ends V-Shaped direct Warper creel with large number of Beam creel positions in the Slasher allow us to size high thread count in warp with ease and precision. This machine is fully automated with integrated control system ensuring a reproducible quality and uniform sizing in the width and length of the warp. The automation also allows us to control the tension of each warp ends throughout the length of the warp for achieving very high weaving efficiency, even for weaving a fabric of high degree of difficulty.

This addition will help us to enhance our product range, gives better control over quality and price, makes our fabrics become more environmental friendly by using 100% water soluble chemicals from renowned suppliers, reduce bowing and add dye-ability features to our product.